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Reap the benefits of good ideas - every day.

That’s what you get.

With PERDIS, you can improve your organisational flows and design your processes to be more transparent. You will lighten the load on your employees, and the quality of their work will be enhanced. Fewer mistakes will occur and the quality of the results will be increased.

Because each planner can manage a greater number of employees, the human resources requirement is lower and overtime can be avoided. The extent to which reductions in human resources can be achieved depends on the situation at hand.

PERDIS enables you to respond better and more fairly to the individual deployment requests of employees. This raises employees’ acceptance of the system and their motivation. In many cases, the number of employees away sick can be reduced.

PERDIS guarantees the automatic observance of defined legal and company conditions. It delivers work records and issues account data automatically. Labour-intensive, complicated checking and accounting processes are thus eliminated.

And what is more, the automatic monitoring of important deadlines, a card index for the management of general occurrences and the constant availability of current balances provide enormous benefits.

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