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You, too, can reap the benefit of good ideas.

The best advertisement is satisfied customers.

Our customers are primarily public and private transportation providers. The constantly growing number is confirmation of the trust that customers have in our products and services. Every single customer is important to us and long-term satisfaction is our highest priority.

In Germany, PERDIS is the most popular system in public transportation. You will find reference companies in 13 federal states. In North Rhine Westphalia alone, there are over 20 companies working with PERDIS. Deutsche Bahn uses the system across the board for their regional bus companies.

PERDIS has likewise been established for years in European countries outside Germany. In the Netherlands, PERDIS is the leading system, with a take-up of some 80%. Connexxion, one of the biggest customers, has since 2002 handled the deployment planning and the accounting of over 8,000 drivers using the system. There are other installations in Austria and the United Kingdom.

PERDIS has also been implemented in the USA. The establishment of the system on this market is being intensively developed further in conjunction with our partner init.

Our reference list contains to date some 100 companies. If you wish to ask one of our customers personally about us, we are pleased to send you contact data.

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