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The first idea is often the best.

The success story of a vision.

The foundation for our success was laid in Hamburg in 1985. That was when we had the original idea of developing data processing systems for improving operations in transportation companies. id systeme was not yet born, but PERDIS had come into existence. It was only two years later that PERDIS was successfully implemented in a real environment for the first time. With that, PERDIS became the first available planning system for public transport.

The limited company 'ID Systeme Informations- und Dispositionssysteme GmbH' was established in 1995 by Jürgen Krüger and Peter Enders, who had been the managing directors of PERDIS from the very beginning. The company was the result of the conclusion at which we had long since arrived: that only a decisive alignment of the company with customers’ needs will bring success for both sides. We launched the company with 4 employees in a little office. Later we shortened the name to id systeme GmbH.

Since then, id systeme has specialised in the areas of personnel and vehicle planning and has been constantly developing further its offering for this market. In 2012, 100 user companies are being looked after by 22 employees. The office was already been extended several times and PERDIS, too, has grown from a small planning system to a hugely powerful personnel and vehicle management system.

Since 2002, the init AG in Karlsruhe has not only been partner for shared projects but also co-proprietor of id systeme. Since 2012 init AG is the 100% shareholder of the company.

id systeme is now initperdis and PERDIS is initperdis.

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